President of Dongyue Group Visits Sinochem Lantian


On March 9, Liu Chuanqi, president of Dongyue Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongyue Group), led a 9-person delegation to visit Sinochem Lantian. Wang Yinping, vice president of Sinochem Group and chairman and general manager of Sinochem Lantian met with the guests accompanied by marketing director Lu Fangbin and investment director Yu Guangyuan.
At the meeting, both parties acknowledged that Sinochem Lantian and Dongyue Group had respective industrial features and mutual complementarities. In the future, both parties shall continue to promote business cooperation and strengthen mutual exchange and communication in order to safeguard orderly competition of domestic fluorine chemical industry. Meanwhile, Sinochem Lantian and Dongyue Group shall actively discuss feasibility on technological cooperation and industrial cooperation to realize rapid development of two companies.
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