Mr. Wang Yinping Meets Taicang Government Officials

On April 7, Wang Yinping, vice president of Sinochem Group and chairman and general manager of Sinochem Lantian met Lu Liusheng, secretary of CPC Taicang Municipal Committee at Taicang Administrative Centre and exchanged in-depth views on strengthening strategic cooperation at Sinochem Taicang Chemical Industrial Park.
During the interview, Mr. Wang briefly introduced business performance of Sinochem Group and Sinochem Lantian in 2010. He also pointed out that good business performance achieved at Sinochem Taicang Chemical Industrial Park in recent years has close relation with strong support from Taicang Municipal Government. In the end, Mr. Wang expressed that Sinochem Lantian would intensify investment at Taicang so as to broaden cooperation areas and realize mutual benefit and a win-win result.
Lu Liusheng first expressed his gratitude for the contributions Sinochem Lantian has made to the economic development of Taicang and then he briefly introduced social and economic development of Taicang in recent years. Mr. Lu stated that rapid development of Taicang could not be achieved without support and help from state-owned enterprises, including Sinochem Group. He pointed out that Sinochem Lantian has strong overall strength and competitiveness, which will play a significant role in promoting industrial and economic development of Taicang. Finally, Mr. Lu expressed his hope that both parties should further strengthen cooperation on the prior cooperative basis established by both parties.
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