Sinochem Lantian holds 2012 working meeting


On January 11 and 12, Sinochem Lantian held 2012 working meeting in Hangzhou. The meeting concluded working progress in 2011, assessed business performance, analyzed the situations and deployed major work in 2012.


The meeting required every unit to focus on Sinochem Group’s Third Long March and Sinochem Lantian’s strategic objective, carry forward pioneering spirit, enhance industrial core competitiveness and lay solid foundation for sustainable development so as to fulfill business objectives in 2012.


The meeting prepared five working reports, including 2011 business performance report, strategic development report, and arranged the signing of 2012 HSE liability statement.


At the meeting, Mr. Wang Yinping, Vice President of Sinochem Group and Chairman and General Manager of Sinochem Lantian, required all staff should actively participate in fierce competitions and strive for victories, and fulfill 2012 working plans with excellent results so as to usher in the successful commencement of the 18th National People’s Congress of the Chinese Communist Party.

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