Sinochem Group president Mr. Liu Deshu visits Sinochem Lantian


On May 14, Mr. LIU Deshu, president of Sinochem Group, visited Sinochem Lantian, accompanied by Mr. WANG Yinping, chairman and general manager of Sinochem Lantian.
In the morning, Mr. Liu visited headquarters of Sinochem Lantian. After listening to the work report, Mr. Liu highly appreciated Sinochem Lantian’s achievements in the past 4 years; he also pointed out that Sinochem Lantian’s development demonstrates the combination of Sinochem’s culture and Zhejiang entrepreneur’s culture and that the cooperation between Sinochem Group and Zhejiang Provincial Government is a great success.
During the meeting, Mr. Liu made a five-point proposal. First, Sinochem Lantian should stick to the strategy of strengthening its fluorine chemical business; second, Sinochem Lantian should upgrade its management; third, Sinochem Lantian should emphasize safety and environmental protection issues; fourth, Sinochem Lantian should strengthen its cultivation of talents; fifth, Sinochem Lantian should be informative to the fluorine chemical industry.
In the afternoon, Mr. Liu visited Zhejiang Research Institute of Chemical Industry (ZRICI). After visiting laboratories and listening to the work report, Mr. Liu stated that Sinochem Group’s fluorine chemical segment cannot achieve its goal without solid technological support. He also emphasized that ZRICI should further strengthen cultivation of research team, increase R&D investment, cooperate to share research resources and set up mechanisms to protect technology.
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