Successful experiment of cotton top cutting in Xinjiang Autonomous Region


Recently, Sinochem Lantian's new cotton top cutting agent flumetralin has achieved successful experiment in Xinjiang Autonomous Region. According experiment data, flumetralin can not only replace manual labor, but also increase production by 6-9%, which has significant ecnomic and social benefits.

On August 29, Mr. Wang Yinping, vice president of Sinochem Group and chairman of Sinochem Lantian, went to Xinjiang Autonomous Region to inspect Sinochem Lantian's cotton top cutting project, accompanied by Mr. Wang Hongjun, assistant president of Sinochem Group.

Xinjiang Autonomous Region is China's largest cotton belt with a plantation area of more than 2 million hectares. Cotton top cutting by manual labor is the only bottleneck that restricts cotton mechanization in Xinjiang Autonomous Region.In the past 4 years, Sinochem Lantian has conducted a number of experiments and accumulated research data. Compared to traditional cotton top cutting technology, the use of flumetralin has distinct advantages in saving labor and time as well as increaing production.

Experts pointed out that the use of flumetralin is a major technological breakthrough in the cotton plantation history in Xinjiang Autonomous Region. The successful acceptance of this project will not only promote development of cotton industry, but also increase industrial competitiveness.

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