Key Laboratory Passes Completion Acceptance

On May 19, Key Laboratory for New Chemical Materials of Zhejiang Province, established by Zhejiang Chemical Industry Research Institute, passed completion acceptance by Department of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province. Expert panel inspected the laboratory by on-site inspection and report debriefing and fully admitted ZCIRI’s substantial work and efforts in building classified laboratories, updating key instruments and equipment, developing products and generic technologies and cultivating high-level talents. All experts unanimously approved the completion acceptance of the laboratory.
Key Laboratory for New Chemical Materials of Zhejiang Province is one of the key laboratories approved to be established by Zhejiang Province with a view to strengthening technological reserve and original innovation capabilities and enhancing industrial competitiveness in the area of new chemical materials in Zhejiang Province. After three years of construction, the laboratory has successfully developed 24 new products such as heptafluoro propane iodine and generated new output value 117 million yuan annually; in addition, the laboratory has also developed new specialized chemical technologies such as high-effective flame retardant (phosphorus and nitrogen series) and formed its own features in the fields of fluorine specialty chemical, fluorine pesticide, organic fluorine and silicon material and halogen-free flame-retardant anti-corrosion materials. In 2010, the laboratory successfully obtained 2 national key programs. During construction, the laboratory obtained 11 domestic patents and 2 international patents and applied 26 domestic patents; published 53 academic papers among which 6 were included in SCI; and was awarded 5 provincial-level and ministerial-level prizes.
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