Vice Governor Mao Guanglie Visits Zhejiang Lansol

On May 24, Mao Guanglie, vice governor of Zhejiang Provincial Government visited Zhejiang Lansol Fluorchem Co., Ltd., accompanied by Shang Qing, mayor and deputy Party secretary of Quzhou, Jiang Xunbo, executive deputy mayor and member of the standing committee of Quzhou and Luo Weihong, deputy mayor of Quzhou. Lv Guochu, general manager of Zhejiang Lansol accompanied the whole delegation.
During the visit, Mr. Mao Guanglie highly praised the achievements accomplished by Zhejiang Lansol and stated that Quzhou municipal government should intensify its support to Zhejiang Lansol; meanwhile, Mr. Mao expressed his hope that Zhejiang Lansol could use technological advantages of Sinochem Lantian and Solvay to further expand and strengthen its business.
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