Wang Yinping Meets Delegation of Chenzhou Municipal Government


On March 9, Xiang Lili, vice secretary of CPC Chenzhou Municipal Committee and mayor of Chenzhou municipal government, and Xiang Shuguang, vice secretary of CPC Chenzhou Municipal Committee led a delegation to visit Sinochem Lantian. Wang Yinping, vice president of Sinochem Group and chairman and general manager of Sinochem Lantian met with them.
By relying on fluorspar resources in Chenzhou, Sinochem Lantian invested to build fluorine chemical project in Baishidu Fluorine Chemical Recycling Industrial Park in Yizhang, Chenzhou. Currently, the whole project is under way with engineering design, equipment tendering, civil engineering, etc. being launched gradually. 
At the meeting, both parties exchanged views on the progress of the project. Mr. Xiang Lili stated that CPC Chenzhou Municipal Committee and Chenzhou municipal government would scientifically plan the layout of the industrial park and assist in the construction of supporting facilities according to advanced international standards; meanwhile, municipal leaders would take command to provide the best service and the most preferable policies. Mr. Wang Yinping said that although cooperation between Sinochem Lantian and Chenzhou municipal government had just begun, however, this cooperation featured a high starting point and a good project and would yield fruitful results in the future.
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