Mr. Wang Yinping Invited to Expo Central China 2010

On September 26, Expo Central China 2010 took place in Nanchang International Exhibition Centre of Jiangxi Province. Wang Yinping, vice president of Sinochem Group and chairman of Sinochem Lantian, was invited to participate in the expo.
Expo Central China 2010, themed with "Opening, Cooperation, Win-Win and Rise", contained such events as summit forums, service outsourcing activities, transnational procurement conferences and signing ceremonies for major projects, focused on low-carbon economy and sped up industrial restructuring to enhance actual results. This expo has attracted more than 30,000 visitors, 150 TOP500 global companies, 180 TOP500 Chinese companies, 100 domestic and foreign financial institutions, 61 state-owned enterprises and 200 famous Jiangxi entrepreneurs.
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