Four Projects Win 2010 Science and Technology Prize of Sinochem Group

Recently, Sinochem Group commended units and individuals that won 2010 Science and Technology Prize of Sinochem Group, including four projects of Sinochem Lantian.
In order to mobilize initiative and creativity of researchers and promote scientific and technological advancement so as to push forward the Third Great Leap-forward Scheme, Sinochem Group commenced assessment of 2010 Science and Technology Prize nominees. In the end, 15 projects won the first batch of this prize. Sinochem Lantian ranked second in the entire Sinochem Group by winning 4 prizes, among which Industrialization Development of 20,000 t/a HFC-134a won the first prize, Scaled-up Technology Development of 100 t/a Heptafluoropropane iodine won the second prize, and Industrialization of HFC-143a and  "Fluorohydrocarbon refrigerants" Draft of China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association Standards won the third prize.
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