JINCOOL awarded 2012 China Best Refrigeration Brand


On November 27, JINCOOL of Sinochem Lantian was awarded 2012 China Best Refrigerant Brand on the 6th TOP 10 Brand Competition of China's Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Industries, sponsored by hc360.com.


This competition has been held for 6 times and is influential within the air-conditioning and refrigeration industries. It is composed of a series of procedures such as internet audition, voting, and expert appraisal. During the internet audition, JINCOOL received wide support from its users and netizens and ranked top 30 among thousands of competing brands; in the expert appraisal procedure, JINCOOL was highly praised by experts and clients and finally obtained the award of 2012 China Best Refrigerant Brand.


Sinochem Lantian is the only green refrigerant manufacturer in China with five quality system certifications and has established cooperative partnerships with 80% domestic aubomobile and air-conditioning manufacturers. Its brand JINCOOL covers a wide range of products, such as HFC-134a, HFC-125, HFC-32, HFC-143a and blends, and enjoys good reputation within the industry.

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