Sinochem Lantian Holds 2011 Working Meeting

From January 24 to 25, Sinochem Lantian held 2011 working meeting at Sinochem Mansion to review its performance in 2010 and deploy key tasks in 2011 and the coming period. The meeting called for all units to stick to the Third Great Leap-forward Scheme of Sinochem Group and strategic goals of Sinochem Lantian and seize opportunities to realize fast and scientific development.
Wang Yinping, Chairman and General Manager of Sinochem Lantian, and more than 100 senior members of Sinochem Lantian management team attended the meeting. Guests from Sinochem Group and the State-owned Asset Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of Zhejiang Provincial Government were invited to be present at the meeting.
The meeting reviewed its performance, strategic implementation and project management in 2010, evaluated its work in 2010 from various angles and deployed key tasks in 2011.
At the end of the meeting, Mr. Wang Yinping made a speech and stated five points. First, Sinochem Lantian should be high-performance oriented to ensure the completion of all tasks in 2011. Second, Sinochem Lantian should promote strategic layout to ensure sustainable development. Third, Sinochem Lantian should deepen reform to improve corporate management. Fourth, Sinochem Lantian should establish a sound talent mechanism to break through the bottleneck of human resources. Fifth, Sinochem Lantian should create a culture of safety and energy conservation and fulfill its social responsibilities. In the end, Mr. Wang called for all members to adhere to the core value of “creating value, pursuing excellence” and strive to realize fast and scientific development with a pioneering and innovative spirit so as to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of CPC.
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