Sinochem Lantian holds symposium for Halon-1301 as feedstock

On June 29, symposium for the production and management of Halon-1301 as feedstock, sponsored by the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), co-organized by Sinochem Lantian, took place in Hangzhou. Nine enterprises that use Halon-1301, including Bayer and Yongnong Chem, were invited to attend the symposium. Mr. Zhu Pei, division chief of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Office of MEP, and Mr. Yu Xiaogang, assistant general manager of Sinochem Lantian, were present at the meeting.
This symposium has two sections of keynote speeches and seminars. Mr. Li Yunpeng and Mr. Sun Tao from MEP delivered speeches on the laws and regulations towards ODS management as well as production, sale and use of Halon-1301 as feedstock. Participants conducted heated discussions and proposed suggestions concerning relevant regulations, procedures, requirements and intra-company management on Halon-1301.
As a representative of Sinochem Lantian, Mr. Yu delivered a keynote speech in which he promised that Halon-1301 will not be out of supply, and Sinochem Lantian will endeavor to stabilize its price and maintain fipronil-producing enterprises’ competitiveness in the international market. Mr. Zhu Pei stated in his concluding remarks that Sinochem Lantian, as the sole Halon-1301 producer and seller in China, has made significant contributions to China’s Halon phasing-out undertakings. Meanwhile, he reiterated the firm crackdown on illegal production and use of Halon-1301.
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