Commissioning of aluminum fluoride project successful


On March 23, the 4th production line of 80,000 t/a aluminum fluoride project completed successful commmissioning in Chenzhou, Hunan Province, with qualified products of aluminum fluoride and AHF, which means the entire project has entered the phase of production and operation. Currently, the 4th production line and its supporting utilities remain stable operation.

The equipment adopt low-grade super-thin fluorspar acid-producing process, which enlarges the grade range of fluorspar for acid-producing and makes contributions for the sustainable development of fluorspar utilization and fluorine chemical industry.

The project started ground-breaking on May 12, 2011, began civil construction in October, 2011, and realized mechnical completion in the end of 2012. The successful commmissioning marks Sinochem Lantian's official entry into the inorganic fluoride area, which not only enrishes the company's fluorine chemical varieties but also consolidates its leading position in China's fluorine chemical industry.

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